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Paloma Computers

We created Paloma Computers to take the mystery out of IT services for businesses in Ontario, OR. We want to partner with you as your high-tech service company, so we can keep you informed about what you're getting and how it works. Our computer store experts will suggest changes and improvements to help your business keep up with the ever-changing tech industry.

IT Services

IT: those two letters more than any others strike the greatest fear into the hearts of businesses that rely on their computers and networks to get their business done. That's why we created Paloma Computers; we saw a need to clarify the mystery of computer support so our customers will know exactly what's going on, and can understand what they're getting.


Paloma Computers goes beyond just providing IT services and support. We are your complete high-tech service company. We keep your printers cranking out the pages, your phone systems and communication networks online, and we can provide hardware to keep your cash flow streaming along and to ensure all your information is being backed up securely.

Remote IT Services

Are you based outside of our regular Oregan and Idaho service areas? No problem. We can provide remote tech support and IT services in Ontario, OR and beyond.

Print Services

We offer a variety of Lexmark printers for small, medium, and large workgroups.

Unified Communication

We provide easy-to-use phone systems billed at a flat rate for unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, video-conferencing, 2 GB of storage, and a whole assortment of other communication services.


We provide access to hardware and the accompanying software you need to keep your business on track. We do the install, we provide the maintenance, and we'll ensure you receive all future upgrades.


Want something fun to do when you're not at work? We offer Lenovo Legion gaming computers, serious rigs for those who know the thrill of VR!

Spending too much time on IT issues?

We can fix that!

We provide the businesses of Ontario, Oregon, with expert IT services, tech support, and network management. Our mission is to terminate those "mysterious" problems that pop up again and again, because we want to provide you peace of mind. Our computer store team also serves a variety of other communities, from here in Ontario all the way to Idaho Falls, and all points in between.